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At Sporture*, we believe in fit and fashion for the dedicated athlete. As parents of skaters, we noticed how hard it was to find dresses that our skaters loved and fit well. One dress would bind, the other would sag. One would ride too high, the other was cut too low. Plus, so many of the dresses looked the same! And the fabrics ... we had such a hard time finding fun, fashionable fabrics!

We know that when you look and feel your best, you skate even better, right? So, we decided to create a company that’s all about you and your dress, with fabrics fresh off the runway and dresses hand-sewn for a great fit. Choose the style that you want with the fabrics and trims you love. Use our measuring guide to get just the right fit. Our patterns are designed by an expert seamstress. We can’t mention any names, but she designs for Olympic athletes and international skating champions ... and us. Design your dress, and then hit the ice with inspiration and confidence.

*Sporture – n. (spor-toor): the intersection of sports and couture. Couture? What’s that? It’s serious fashion. And we’re serious fashion for the serious athlete.

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