Have a question? Check out the information in our Frequently Asked Questions. If you don’t find your answer here, feel free to contact us directly.

I see a few fabric options for the dress I’m looking at. Are there more choices?

How do I find them? We have dozens of the latest fabrics for you to consider! To check them out, you can click on “view fabrics” on your dress page. Then, once you see the fabric choices, make sure you find the arrow and scroll across. There are several pages of choices for you to browse.

I found a page of fabrics. Are there more?

Yes, make sure you find the arrow and scroll across; you should be able to see several pages of fabric choices, not just the page you’re looking at. There are dozens of the latest patterns for you to view!

I need a dress with sleeves. Where do I look?

To design a dress with sleeves, you’ll want to select the “Tank” dress design option. You’ll find choices for a variety of sleeve lengths there.

I love designing my dress! I want to make sure I’m seeing all my design options. How do I do that?

To make sure that you’re viewing all the different ways you can customize your dress, be sure to use the scroll arrows on the left and right of your selection. For example, if you’re looking at your skirt choices, move your cursor to the arrows to view more ideas.

I’m curious about the mesh fabric on my skirt. Will that be see-through.

Don’t worry; we use two layers of mesh for the skirts to give you great coverage with a light, airy feel.

Are the dresses lined?

Yes, the front of each dress is lined.

I want to design a team dress. How do I create a dress that multiple people can order?

If you’d like to create a dress for your team or club, please contact us directly; you can create your dress from our website, or consult with our designer to create something really special.

I’d like to give a gift certificate for one of your dresses. How do I do that

Just contact us directly, and we will create a gift certificate for you. We’re looking forward to offering this feature online in the near future.

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